Overlea Terraces


Glen Innes
Situated in Overlea Central, Glen Innes - a new vibrant suburban development that caterers for a range in lifestyle living.

The Overlea Terraces provide a flexible living arrangement while creating a community atmosphere.  Inspired by the box forms of American Mid Century Modern Architecture, the modular boxing is differentiated by cladding variation and feature louvers. The architectural curiosity created is intended to visually engage with the street add variation to the vernacular of the existing neighborhood. The Overlea Central Terraces draw on the Mid Century Modern design background while introducing a contemporary approach to specific featured detailing such as the street elevation fenestration, roof lines and rear living detailing. 

Building orientation and placement on the site is critical to the success of how the occupier interacts and uses the spaces. We have orientated the building in a position to have a strong street presences while ensuring all Terraces acquire ample daylight for all year round comfort. The Louvers on the eastern face moderate morning sun while creating both privacy and natural light intrigue. Outdoor living is orientated towards the West to provide amenity for modern living. The building interacts and binds with the surrounding elements through hard landscaping cutting the soft landscaped ground levels. The use of fruit trees, vegetable gardens and seated areas help reinforce a community atmosphere.

We have focused on the modular continuity of the Terraces with the exception of the street corner site, the repetition of terrace modules help keep the building simple and functional. The street corner site is designed so both street front elevations engage well with the street. We have kept floor plan configurations identical for each typology to provide equal market opportunity, the corner site typology offers market variation.  This combination of terraces will help target a different market in the wider Overlea Central development. 

BDG completed Concept, Resource Consent, Developed Design & Building Consent. Construction expected to begin mid 2018