Overlea Apartments

Overlea ApartmentsLeybourne Circle

Glen Innes, Auckland
Situated in Overlea Central, Glen Innes - a new vibrant suburban development that caterers for a range in lifestyle living.

The Overlea Apartments provide a flexible living arrangement while creating a community atmosphere.  Inspired by the playful Art Deco 1950’s English architecture, the distinctive details of the elegant curves, brick façade and monochromatic coloring make this design unique in today’s walk up apartments. The Overlea Central Apartments draw on the Art Deco design background while introducing a contemporary approach to specific featured detailing such as the entry façade, roof lines and balcony fenestration. 

Building orientation and placement on the site is critical to the success of how the occupier interacts and uses the spaces. We have placed the building in a position to have a strong street presences while ensuring all apartments acquire ample daylight for all year round comfort.  The building interacts and binds with the surrounding elements through hard landscaping cutting the soft landscaped ground levels. The use of fruit trees, vegetable gardens and seated areas help reinforce a community atmosphere while aiding a Homestar accreditation.  

We have focused on the modular continuity of the building, where the repetition of apartments and individual modules help keep the building simple and functional.  We have designed a variety of floor plan configurations that provide an opportunity for different occupier uses depending on their individual needs.  This will help target a different market in the wider Overlea Central development. 

BDG completed Concept, Resource Consent, Developed Design & Building Consent. Construction expected to begin mid to Late 2018