Epsom House


Epsom, Auckland
Situated in Epsom, Auckland, this exceptional property consists of a single level dwelling with a separate detached underground garage on the road front.

The existing house draws on the early Californian Bungalow architectural style with large gabled roofs, white timber finishes and high stud construction with ample lawn to the front of the site encompassing a garage. 

The Brief: The client is looking to subdivide the front of the site with the intention of constructing a new residential house over the existing garage.  

The solution: Inspired by contemporary styled architecture, distinctive details of square cantilevered building elements, horizontal and paneled facade treatments and a juxtaposition of colours make this design unique to the surrounding buildings in Epsom.  Material selection is an important part of this project, with minimal maintenance, cost effectiveness and local sourcing a driving requirement from the client.  The house footprint is restricted by the building coverage allocated to the site, with each level consisting of approximately 60 square metres.  The constraints of the site and brief came with challenges and the design team were faced with the task of ensuring a logical relationship between spaces and levels while considering the house proportions and treatment of the elevations.  The living space is connected to the kitchen and dining via a breezeway which also acts as a circulation point to other levels.  Bridging the plan allowed the building to appear longer and reinforce the proportions of the house while creating an internal courtyard which added a physical and visual link between the public spaces of the house.

The building orientation and placement on the site is critical to the success of how the occupier interacts and uses the spaces.  We have placed the building in a position to have a strong street presence while ensuring all rooms and spaces acquire ample daylight for all year round comfort.  The building interacts and binds with the surrounding elements through hard landscaping cutting the soft landscaped ground levels.  The use of planter boxes , external stairs, fruit trees and vegetable gardens help tie the building and landscaping as one while aiding to a Homestar accreditation.