About Us


BDG Architects is an architectural practice that works within the realms of public, commercial and urban design as well as residential projects.

BDG Architects is able to assist with all stages of an architectural project, providing a full range of services with a strong focus on sympathetic architecture and insightful urban planning.

Our inter-disciplinary skill-set and relations with consultants and suppliers enables us to take a project from conceptual sketches through to construction.  With a focus on delivering considered design solutions, we aim to make a positive contribution to our built environment while delivering an exceptional personal service.  We believe “our clients are our future” and have developed a core group of loyal, return clients. We see each new client as an opportunity to develop a longstanding relationship beneficial to both parties.  


BDG Architects has evolved throughout its history. The original partnership between Malcolm Brown and Murray Day was formed in 1981 when Murray Day joined Malcolm Brown Architects.

Paul Somerford joined Malcolm Brown Architects in 1980 taking leave to work in Sydney with Stephenson and Turner in ‘85 and ‘86 before returning to Malcolm Brown Murray Day Architects in ’87.  In 1994 Paul left to further his studies and became a registered architect in 1997 starting his own company, Paul Somerford Architects Ltd.  In 2007 Paul Somerford Architects merged with Brown Day Architects and the practice became Brown Day Group Architects, with Paul as a Director.

Jason Matheson trained in Australia and worked in Melbourne prior to moving to New Zealand and joining Brown Day Architects in 2003.  In 2007 Jason became an associate and in 2016 appointed Director.

Dean Brown, trained in New Zealand and worked for Malcolm Brown Murray Day Architects for three years before moving to the United Kingdom to further his career.  He worked extensively within the UK, assuming the role of Director at RDjW Architects.  Upon his return to New Zealand in 2014, Dean joined Brown Day Group and became Director in 2016.

In 2016, Brown Day Group Ltd became BDG Architects with offices at 2 Enfield Street, Mount Eden.